2014 Goals Update: Winding Down the Year

goalsIn the beginning of the year, I let you in on my three goals for 2014.

The first–and absolute most important–was to be a better Erin, of which I’ve done an excellent job. I wanted to be a better version of myself. I never wanted to change who I was, just continue being a person who lived her life with intention and in the present: so far, so good.

I had two secondary goals. The first was to walk 150 miles before year-end, and the second was to write 150 small things by the end of the year. Both seemed impossible at the time. While I haven’t yet completed either of my secondary goals, I’m pleased with my progress.

So far this year, I’ve walked 50.73 intentional miles. I know there were a few additional treadmill or nature walks that didn’t get logged, but it doesn’t count if you don’t write it down! Obviously, I’ve walked much more throughout my days and life activities, but at this point I’ve logged 50.73 miles. Is that perfect? Far from it, but as of October, I’ve met my goal 1/3 of the way, and I’m very pleased. I still have a little more than two months to log more steps, and I plan on going at full force until 2015.

The funny thing about my secondary goals is that when I chose them, I thought walking 150 miles would be much easier to attain than writing 150 small things. Yes, I promise I have a degree in writing, but sometimes self-doubt can really prove impossible to move through. I’m shocked, but so happy to announce that my writing count is much higher than my walking count. Thanks in large part to my job and my literary journal, my “short writing” count is up to 101 as of today! Beautiful, no? There is a very good chance that I will meet my goal and possibly even beat it before the end of the year

Just being so close to my writing goal motivates me to work harder at my walking goal. If I can come this far in my writing (which felt impossible at the time I made this goal), I can easily increase my steps.

How are you doing with your resolutions this year?

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May 2014 Goals

20140502-164336.jpgThis month, I hope to accomplish many things, but really, they all fall under the same goal:

Finish EVERYTHING that needs to be done before the wedding in May. Leave nothing for June.

The only exception to this goal is my wedding flowers, which I’ll be doing myself (with one of my bridesmaid’s assistance), because, well, obviously you can’t do flowers six weeks in advance or they will wilt and die and smell.

I’ll be sure to do a follow-up post to go over the list of items I’d like to accomplish, but until then, it is definitely time to get to work.


April 2014 Goal Update

Well, I started the month with what felt like four manageable, yet slightly reaching goals. Remember this:


Well, friends, here is my honest progress report.


  • “Walk 30 miles. Lofty goal? (I hope not) But I already walked one today, so I only have 29 left to go.”
    Well. I hate to disappoint you, but I didn’t meet the goal. Whomp, whomp. I did pretty good though, in that I walked 12 treadmill miles in April. For someone who walked 2.5 miles in March, zero in February, and 7 in January, I think the 13 in April is quite successful.


  • Work on some professional goals.

I did wonderful with this goal. I just can’t really speak on the changes quite yet. If we are friends on Facebook, then I’m sure you   know what is happening, but if not, it will hopefully be revealed here in the very near future.

Actually, I should continue. I know exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this goal on 4/1/14 (the secret above), but I’ve also done some great things with other professional goals too. Spry has just launched the fourth issue. We’ve published some incredible writers and poets and I do hope you’ll check it out. I’ve also done some interviews for Spry and also scheduled a mini-series which will be published between issues. I really rocked it professionally this month.

  • Write 35 more small stories/essays.

Nothing happened here. I think a lot of the reason I didn’t get to any of my own writing was that I was hyper-focused on the writing of everyone else (as the editing and publication period for Spry was this month). I did start writing some ideas to work on, but nothing has stuck quite yet.

  • Spring clean my entire apartment (and trash or donate what I do not need)

Again, another laughable effort here. My apartment is quite clean, like always, but I didn’t get a chance to power clean. Honestly, I don’t think that this will happen until after the honeymoon, so it looks like this will turn into summer cleaning!

Stay tuned tomorrow for May’s goals!

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April 2014 Goals


  • Walk 30 miles. Lofty goal? (I hope not) But I already walked one today, so I only have 29 left to go.
  • Work on some professional goals.
  • Write 35 more small stories/essays.
  • Spring clean my entire apartment (and trash or donate what I do not need)


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One word, one phrase, two goals

I like to start the year with intentions, goals and a word to symbolize my year ahead.

In fact, I love to-do lists and goals so much that I tend to get a little carried away. In 2012, I set goals every month. I really liked that, except that my goals either weren’t organized enough or were over-planned. Because of that, I decided that I would have no goals for 2013 and even though the year was quite busy, it did feel overwhelming/disorganized and I didn’t like that. So what’s a girl to do?

For 2014, I’ve picked my word of the year, added in a phrase of the year (which I think exemplifies my word), and two big-to-me goals for the year.

Be” is my word for 2014. Be kind. Be happy. Be healthy. Be loving. Be patient. Be calm. Be better.

Be A Better Erin” is my phrase for 2014. That is truly what I mean with my one little word. I want to be a better version of myself. I by no means want to “resolve” to change anything about myself. I like who I’ve become. I just want to try to be a better me throughout my daily routines and throughout some of the bigger goals and opportunity that might present themselves to me over the course of the year. I want to be a better bonus-mom, be a better fiance/wife, be a better friend, be a better daughter, be a better writer, be a better editor. Simply, I just want to enjoy my everyday and put more effort into making my life and the lives of those around be a bit better.

And here are the two main goals I have for the year.

  1. Walk 150 miles (not counting my normal daily steps).
  2. Write 150 new very-short pieces of fiction/nonfiction/poetry.

Now, these goals might seem either super big or super small for some of you, but I think they are just right for me. I like to walk, but as I’m really not a physically active person, I hate to run right now. I also need routine to continue walking. 150 miles seems so huge to me right now, but I think it will be easy enough to achieve by the end of the year. Also, I could probably bust out 150 new very-short pieces of writing in a month, but here’s the thing. I won’t. I’m unfortunately a binge writer. I write for a month or two at a time, and then I don’t. I usually get good output once I start, but it is extremely difficult to get started again. I learned in graduate school that writing comes more easily to me when I do it regularly, and also I produce better material when my brain is in regular writing mode. So I’m hoping these 150 new short essays/poems/stories will help me get into a writing routine by the end of the year.

I’m totally open to new opportunities in 2014; in fact, I’ll be actively searching some out. I just don’t want to overburden myself. I have such high hopes for 2014. This year I’ll be getting married to the love of my life (and enjoying a bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding and honeymoon!) and turning 30! Here is to a happy, healthy 2014 for all of us. Cheers!

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I’m a Panelist: AWP 2014

awpSomebody needs to get me this shirt.

Big News: I’m going to sit on a panel for AWP 2014 in Seattle, Washington!

In April, we applied to lead a panel on alumni communities and life post-MFA. We waited a little more than three months for the answer, and I’m proud to announce our acceptance. Below is a screenshot taken from AWP’s List of Accepted Events for next year’s conference. I took the liberty to highlight our panel. Hopefully you don’t have high expectations on my computer highlighting skills. (Also, it appears as if Ashley will need to clone herself to sit on this panel. I’ve only been made aware of one Ashley attending, but I will be super impressed is there is two of her on the panel.)


This link was borrowed from AWP’s list of accepted panels.

Goals: August 2013

Alright, folks. It’s time to get some goals. This month I’d like to increase my blogging. Whether I’m writing a post for this site or for Briefs, Spry’s new blog feature, it doesn’t matter. In the same regard, I’d like to increase my writing overall. In July, I managed to do some freewriting a few times a week, and I’d like to continue that into August.

That’s it guys. Nice and easy. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around these parts.