To My Future Husband

1 reinventing erinMy first letter to my future husband: My Promise to You

“We might not be married yet; we might not even be engaged to be married yet, but I want you to know that no matter what our future has in store for us, I will show up every day ready to take on our life together.”




2 reinventingerin.comMy second letter to my future husband: On Physical Proximity

“My heart absolutely melts when I see an elderly couple holding hands. I want that to be us. I want us to be old and gray. I want our wrinkles to mingle and my hands to always be in yours.”




3 reinventing erinMy third letter to my future husband: Changing My Last Name

“I’ll admit it. Sometimes I doodle my first name with your last name in my journal.”




4 reinventingerin.comMy fourth letter to my future husband: Things I Don’t Take for Granted

“I want you to know that I might not always say it or show it, but I always recognize the greatness in you.”




5 reinventingerinMy fifth letter to my future husband: Let’s Never Get Divorced

“Sometimes hearts and vows get broken and a relationship disintegrates. I really don’t want that to happen to us.”




6 reinventingerinMy sixth letter to my future husband: The Proposal

“Thank you so much for the perfect proposal.”




imagesMy seventh letter to my future husband: I’m No Longer the Girlfriend

“I loved the idea of calling you my fiance; I wanted the world to know we had changed paths and were moving forward in a different direction.”

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