April 2013 Goals

Goals… Where do I even begin?

I set a few reasonable goals in January. They were goals I could manage, and they were goals that I actually wanted to accomplish. Did I succeed in completing those goals? No, I did not. Well, not really. I did a decent job organizing Wolverine’s closet and my closet, only to let the contents become completely scattered and unorganized a week or so later.

My goal for this month is going to be simple: create a to-do list and then work on accomplishing the items I add to the list. I’ve been feeling disorganized and pulled in a few different directions lately. I swear by to-do lists, and since I don’t have a current one, I’ll bet that is why I feel so scatter brained.

I’m not aiming for perfection with this goal, just a little bit of action. Wish me luck.

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    • erin says:

      Ha. Me too. Actually, I’m the ridiculous type of person who when her to-do list gets to “busy with cross offs, etc, must then rewrite the whole thing….

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