Internet Finds: Week One

This week’s internet finds will be focused on the new year and goals! For 2013, I plan on sharing these letters on Saturdays. Sometimes on Fridays (in 2012), I’d find links that I wanted to share, but didn’t because I already published the post for the day. Plus, now you will have something to read on the weekends.

Check out Moments Matter Most from a newsletter I get at work by Priority Management. Daniel Stamp makes some great points about how important the moments are in our lives. Yes, we are all focusing on goals for the new year, but we really need to focus on every moment.

Sarah at Yes and Yes shares 13 Fresh Starts for a new year. The tips are practical and a really smart way to kickstart the new year. Here are two that I will be working on for 2013: Clean out your car and update your resume.

The fabulous Jenny Blake shares 13 Thought-Starters for 2013. These are questions you can ask yourself when figuring out your goals for the new year. These questions really perk your brain up and force you to look at the specifics, the things you might overlook when planning the ordinary resolutions (like weight-loss…don’t worry, it’s on my list too, but let’s pick fun goals too).

Finally Jess Lively shares her 2014 letter to her future self. I’ve always wanted to do this (and usually forget to do it every birthday). I think writing one right now will be great as I’d love to surprise myself in 2014 to see if my year went according to plan, and if my intentions for the year influenced how the year did in fact play out. I probably won’t share my letter like she did, but I do hope I will write it. If you want to write one, remember that you can go to and schedule a date to email the letter to yourself.

Finally, and this is an awesome one, you should check out Nicole’s workbook, Why Wait? A Bullshit-Free Guide to Jump- Starting Your Goals for the New Year. I printed my copy (in black-and-white whomp whomp) on Wednesday and I’m really enjoying working my way through it.

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