Defining Moments Series

A.J. O’Connell wrote two posts for this series. The first was about having two different names. Her second post was about publishing her novella, Beware the Hawk. Click here to check out her Facebook page or her blog.

Amanda writes about her experience and the importance of adopting greyhounds.

Ashley writes about how she wasn’t always an academic. Click here to check out her blog.

Brooke writes about the journey of “finding a real job” and the new direction that choice leads her.

Heidi writes about the trials she went through while trying to find her calling.

Holly writes about how a conversation changed her thoughts on the type person she wants to be.

Ioanna writes about embracing an unknown future, by ruminating about a moment she both fell and also took a leap.

Kat writes about looking backward and not being sure what the future will hold.

Kristen Costa shares about how checking off a box to indicate her marital status changed her. Click here to check out her blog or find her on twitter @kristencurator

Justin shares a moment when he was waiting in the airport.

Micaela writes about four women in her life who have influenced her role as a mother.

Another Michaela (but with a “h”) shares about the moment she gained her independence.

Phil writes about the journey of becoming a fiction writer.

Reuben has written two posts for the Defining Moments Series. First, he wrote about spending time in jail. His next post was about the changes in one of his close friendships.

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