Thoughts On My Goals for 2013

Where to start?

For 2012, I tried to pick one main goal for the month and focus my energy during those 29-31 days on that specific item. Some months I did really good, like in January when I wanted to waste less or February when I spent time organizing and removing unneeded items from my life or November when I tried to blog daily about the things I was grateful for. Overall, I worked pretty hard on my goals for 2012. The months that were the most successful were the ones I had really planned out ahead of time. In January and February, I had been thinking about being resourceful, not wasting, minimizing unused items for quite some time. The goals fit in perfectly with what I was prepared to work on at that time. The months that were the least successful were months I either didn’t pick a goal until the very last-minute or months that I was a bit unpractical with my goal. Like when my goal was to write something new every day toward the end of my thesis. I knew I was going to be editing more than writing at that point, and I couldn’t devote the time and patience and dedication needed to generate new material. One thing I think could have helped in 2012 is if I had a long list of goals I wanted to accomplish, so that when it came time to pick a new goal for the month, I would have an abundance of ideas. This is especially important for those months that I felt a little lost in my goal-picking. Some months were easy, but many would have benefited from a previously created list.

So that is what this blog post is all about.

During the month of December, I brainstormed goals that were important to me. My list is about 70% full of goals that I can work on one at a time, or at least devote one month to. The other 30% are goals that I’ll work on throughout the year. I’ll keep this list open, free to add newly generated ideas to as they come to me throughout 2013.

Like 2012, I plan on picking one main goal for the month, but I’m really going to keep this goal challenge as rule-free as possible. In fact, for January, I’m going to attempt a few goals at once, but I’ve picked a word to try to symbolize the overall goal. (Check back later tonight for a more specific post on this month’s goal). Basically, this year will be half super-organized and half fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants.

I haven’t figured out whether or not I should share my long list of goals for 2013 on the blog, or just list them as I tackle them month to month. If I decide to do so, I’ll just do a follow-up post with my goals.

I’m ready to embrace a year full of exciting challenges, strike with self-improvement, growth and love.


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