2014 Goals Update: Winding Down the Year

goalsIn the beginning of the year, I let you in on my three goals for 2014.

The first–and absolute most important–was to be a better Erin, of which I’ve done an excellent job. I wanted to be a better version of myself. I never wanted to change who I was, just continue being a person who lived her life with intention and in the present: so far, so good.

I had two secondary goals. The first was to walk 150 miles before year-end, and the second was to write 150 small things by the end of the year. Both seemed impossible at the time. While I haven’t yet completed either of my secondary goals, I’m pleased with my progress.

So far this year, I’ve walked 50.73 intentional miles. I know there were a few additional treadmill or nature walks that didn’t get logged, but it doesn’t count if you don’t write it down! Obviously, I’ve walked much more throughout my days and life activities, but at this point I’ve logged 50.73 miles. Is that perfect? Far from it, but as of October, I’ve met my goal 1/3 of the way, and I’m very pleased. I still have a little more than two months to log more steps, and I plan on going at full force until 2015.

The funny thing about my secondary goals is that when I chose them, I thought walking 150 miles would be much easier to attain than writing 150 small things. Yes, I promise I have a degree in writing, but sometimes self-doubt can really prove impossible to move through. I’m shocked, but so happy to announce that my writing count is much higher than my walking count. Thanks in large part to my job and my literary journal, my “short writing” count is up to 101 as of today! Beautiful, no? There is a very good chance that I will meet my goal and possibly even beat it before the end of the year

Just being so close to my writing goal motivates me to work harder at my walking goal. If I can come this far in my writing (which felt impossible at the time I made this goal), I can easily increase my steps.

How are you doing with your resolutions this year?

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