365 Photos: Days 150-158

150…July 2nd: Wish me luck! Keno ticket
151…July 3rd: Wolverine’s birthday cake.
152…July 4th: Celebratory tattoo for Wolverine.
153…July 5th: My dirty legs after gardening.
154…July 6th: Great date night with my love.
155…July 7th: The kids let balloons go to Papa in honor of his birthday.
156…July 8th: How cute is this spoon from Hol’s baby shower?
157…July 9th: Calendar
158… July 10th: I can’t stop eating these chocolates. Help me!


365 Photos: Days 141-149

Day 141… June 23: Bowling Birthday Party
Day 142… June 24: Setting up the tent in the backyard
Day 143… June 25: Salad
Day 144… June 26: My nephew sat on a wet bench at Wolverine’s Tball game
Day 145… June 27: Pho for dinner
Day 146… June 28: The kids watching the cars drive by
Day 147… June 29: Amazon recommends books from my friends in my MFA program. Go buy them!!!
Day 148… June 30: Beers outside at night
Day 149… July 1: Father’s Day gift for Mr. O circa 2011


365 Photos: Days 132-140

#132 (6/14): Mr. O and Wolverine looking for 4-leaf clovers.
#133 (6/15): Keyboard
#134 (6/16): Wolverine wearing dad’s old sneakers
#135 (6/17): The grass is green
#136 (6/18): The view <3
#137 (6/19): Wolverine’s Justin Beiber CD
#138 (6/20): Tball game (Wolverine got hit in the face with a ball 🙁 Poor thing)
#139 (6/21): Wolverine’s school didn’t have a kindergarten graduation :( So we put him in my old cap and gown and had our own!
#140 (6/22): Oysters for dinner


365 Photos: Days 123-131

Day 123 (6/5): Dinner- little necks, pea pods and garlic potatoes
Day 124 (6/6): Wolverine got a reading award!
Day 125 (6/7): Closet
Day 126 (6/8): Slippers
Day 127 (6/9): Homemade pizzas
Day 128 (6/10): Chocolate covered strawberries (and PB & chocolate covered bananas)
Day 129 (6/11): Accidental face shot (this was the only photo I took that day!)
Day 130 (6/12): Baby G’s Star Wars onesie
Day 131 (6/13): Drive to a different work site (in the rain and very early in the morning!)


365 Photos: Days 114-122

Day 114: 5/27… Mr. O’s beer at the Alehouse
Day 115: 5/28… Hitting balls at the batting cages on our day off
Day 116: 5/29… Chicken, Brussel Sprouts and a Rice Krispies treat for lunch
Day 117: 5/30… Fenway Park with Mr. O
Day 118: 5/31… My thesis has been printed and dropped off at the post office!
Day 119: 6/1… Hitting balls at the driving range
Day 120: 6/2… We love homemade pizzas
Day 121: 6/3… Wolverine’s Photo Stance
Day 122: 6/4… Fenway and her stuffed animal friend napping under the covers



365 Photo Challenge: Days 105-113

Day 105: 5/18… A friend playing (and winning 500 tickets) at Dave & Busters
Day 106: 5/19… My sandals at the Tball game
Day 107: 5/20… The boys leaning over the pool
Day 108: 5/21… Cleaning up my desk at work
Day 109: 5/22… My plants are growing!
Day 110: 5/23… Starting Mozambique for the boys
Day 111: 5/24… Central MA roads
Day 112: 5/25… Me and K’s beautiful baby girl (thanks Mr.O for taking the picture)
Day 113: 5/26… Garden roses


365 Photos: Days 96-104

Day 96: 5/9… My thesis!
Day 97: 5/10… Augusten Burroughs on stage in Boston
Day 98: 5/11… Black coffee
Day 99: 5/12… Sushi
Day 100: 5/13… Making Dirt Pie
Day 101: 5/14… Staying hydrated at work
Day 102: 5/15… Dead bird outside my doorstep
Day 103: 5/16… Steak Tips on the grill
Day 104: 5/17… A paperclip I swear I’ve had for years!


May Observations

May Highlights:

  • I went to Augusten Burrough’s reading and book signing in Boston with the lovely Michaela.
  • Mr. O and I also went to Fenway park
  • My thesis is 100% complete. Wow. I don’t even know what to say about that.
  • I found out I’m going to be an auntie again for the 5th time!
  • One of Mr. O’s closest friends baby was born. I’m so happy for N &J!
  • And to keep the baby theme going, we found out that another one of Mr. O’s closest friends is having a baby in November!
  • I’m actually keeping up with my 365 photo project. As of today, I am on day 118.
  • Mr. O and I found a bunch of four-leaf clovers this month. Wolverine actually found his first four-leaf clover–all by himself too– although it was hacked a bit by a lawn mower. Either way, that’s pretty cool for a 5-year-old. I didn’t find my first clover until I was 24!

Stinky May Moments:

  • It was a slightly gloomy month with the amount of fog/rain/clouds we had this month.
  • This month was full of a LOT of last-minute mini revisions. Lots of lists and organization to figure out what else I needed to get together. Plus, I spent a lot of time at the post office getting things mailed out to the right people.
  • For years now, I keep forgetting to buy my parking passes for a Sox game THE WEEK BEFORE THE GAME!!!! I seem to always think I can buy them a day or two before the game. This is not the case! You must buy them one week before the game for a SIGNIFICANT discount. Otherwise you’re just going to waste money on the day of!

Other Mentionable Moments:

  • My writing group is meeting at my favorite Vietnamese/Cantonese/Cambodian restaurant this evening. Yum yum yum.
  • My mom celebrated a big birthday this month. It was also Ryan S. and Ryan G.’s birthday; they are married to two of my close girlfriends and I love them so.
  • My friends Holly and Ryan celebrated their second anniversary and it was also the sixth anniversary of my best friend’s parents’ wedding.
  • Holly also found out she was having a boy!

I’m looking forward to____ in June:
The strange thing about this section is for once I don’t have much to write about! I have a bunch of friends who have birthdays this month, so maybe there will be some get-togethers, but honestly, there is almost nothing planned! I have a wedding to attend on the 30th, and we’re taking Mr. O’s sister out for a belated birthday dinner this weekend. I do have more to do in preparation for school next month, but it looks like the rest of June will be relaxing. I expect to be watching a bunch of Tball games, playing at the park and enjoying the nice weather.

Overall Thoughts:

I think May was a really nice month. The weather is getting warmer, which I absolutely love. That being said, it was kind of gloomy and rainy for much of the month, and that was no fun. Overall though, I spent a lot of time outside– at Wolverine’s Tball games and cookouts for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and trips to the park. I can’t believe I did so much school work and actually MAILED IN my completed, approved thesis to Fairfield. I’m done? Really?


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365 Photos: Days 87-95

Day 87: My bureau 4/30
Day 88: Taco Salad for lunch 5/1
Day 89: Inside my nightstand 5/2
Day 90: Wolverine is a white tiger! 5/3
Day 91: The insides of my car at night 5/4
Day 92: Growing “bugs” with Wolverine 5/5
Day 93: Our new plants: zinnias and carrots (we have parsley too, but it didn’t make it into the pic) 5/6
Day 94: HULK SMASH! 5/7
Day 95: It’s true. Eating out is better than doing the dishes sometimes. 5/8


365 Photos: 78-86

Day 78: 4/21- Humpty Dumpty Chips (Do y’all have these near you? Because we don’t in MA)
Day 79: 4/22- Who do you think will win the race? Wolverine or the snail?
Day 80: 4/23-Ouch!
Day 81: 4/24-AGAIN Dunkin gave me a coffee missing 1/4th of the drink!
Day 82: 4/25-Not sure if I should take a bite out of this candy, because one is already missing!
Day 83: 4/26- Mr. O makes me iced coffee for work. Awww.
Day 84: 4/27-Ha! Well, it is true. I had a lot of voice mails that day.
Day 85: 4/28-Fresh little necks for dinner
Day 86: 4/29-My niece wanted a hamster for her birthday. So I printed a picture of one for her.


April Observations

April Highlights:

  • Easter was fun. Wolverine woke up to a note from the Easter Bunny telling him that he hid Marvel eggs all over the apartment. So at 6:30 in the morning, there was an egg hunt! Then we spent the afternoon at my mom’s (and had another egg hunt) and the evening at Mr.O’s parent’s house. It was a nice day.
  • Revising my thesis. I’m telling you, the process of revision is such a wild experience. I’ve learned a lot about the type of grammatical mistakes I continuously make and also about my strengths. I wrote an essay in the second person for the first time this month, and it actually made its way into my thesis with almost no revisions needed. How cool is that?
  • My very good friend T had her baby . He is handsome as can be. There have been so many baby girls born the past few years in my life, so it was nice to cuddle a little boy.
  • I’m actually keeping up with my 365 photo project. As of today, I am on day 88.
  • I started a Project Life Scrapbook! I’m sooooo in love. I need to hustle and start printing the photos I have that I want in there. Yes, I’m a sucker who instead of just starting it when I got it, decided to go back to 1/1/2012 to begin the book! Sigh. There is a good chance that I’m a bit obsessed with this project since I look at the book every single day and make the most minor tweaks here and there. Oh, well… there are worst things I could be obsessed with.
  • Wolverine started Tball again this year. He is so cute in his uniform, and he gets to be on a team with his best friend from school, so he is pretty excited.

Stinky April Moments:

  • Well, it wasn’t the healthiest month, but I wasn’t too sick either. I had a few doctor’s appointments to attend, and then I had what seemed to be the stomach bug which never disappeared. I had a belly ache for a few days, it went away, and then it came back! A few headaches here and there… Things like that. But the good news is that I am healthy, and all my appointments have had great results.
  • So many work trainings that last all day. Enough said!
  • This is my thesis semester. Boo. It is a lot of work. (I’m thinking this might be here every month until I graduate).
  • Seriously though…this is my thesis semester. I had to hustle so much this month, I though it necessary to put it in two bullet points.

Other Mentionable Moments:

  • It has been two years since my friend Robert was killed in Afghanistan. This month, our friend John finished police academy and all I could think about was how proud Robert would have been of him.
  • My niece turned NINE years old this month. She came into my life when she was three. Let’s just say, I’m having a hard time with this growing older thing. I want her to stay little forever.
  • My oldest brother had a birthday and so did my friends Elizabeth, Mike and Casey.
  • Cookouts! We went to two cookouts this month and we used our own grill a few times. I love cooking on the grill.

I’m looking forward to____ in May:

  • Another one of my pregnant friends is due to deliver in May… after her, I will have to wait until July for the next baby.Boo.
  • Finishing my thesis. I have to turn in my completed thesis this coming month. There are no more revisions. No more decisions of what to put in and what to leave out. Seems surreal. I’m waiting to hear back from my mentor of any final revisions and then it will be 100% complete.

Overall Thoughts:

April was a much better month than March and February. I didn’t feel as down as I did those two months. I’m sure it helped that the weather was nicer, so we went to the park a bunch of times, took a few walks and played in the yard quite a bit. I don’t know how I managed to do as much work as I did for school (and work), but I got a lot done. I don’ t have much to say about April. It went by very fast, and since May is one of my favorite months, I’m just looking forward to it!


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365 Photos: Days 69-77

Day 69: Cereal dinner by myself tonight.
Day 70: Mr. O was chasing me around and trying to put ice down my pants as I made us drinks!
Day 71: Mr. O’s friend had a cookout and invited us over.
Day 72: Wolverine on the zipline at the park.
Day 73: This is not a full cup of coffee. If I wanted a large I would have bought one… not an extra-large.
Day 74: Leftover Easter Candy.
Day 75: Brushing my teeth before bed.
Day 76: I’m cooking dinner on the grill.
Day 77: I asked for no whipped cream, and this is my second cup that wasn’t full this week. What’s up with that?


365 Photos: Days 60-68

Day 60: (4/3/12) My pocketbook broke and the contents spilled out
Day 61: (4/4/12) Using two computers to work from home
Day 62: (4/5/12) It’s not fun to have a migraine during a work training
Day 63: (4/6/12) I’m trying to make myself coffee in the morning to stop wasting money
Day 64: (4/7/12) Wolverine’s first go-kart drive of 2012
Day 65: (4/8/12) The Easter bunny hid eggs for Wolverine in the apartment
Day 66: (4/9/12) “Bob,” my CRV, is ready to bring me home!
Day 67: (4/10/12) My chevron kitchen floors
Day 68: (4/11/12) All day work training

365 Photo Challenge Days 51-59

Day 51: Fenway and I aren’t too pleased with Netflix lately (3/25/12)
Day 52: My bed looks so lonely when Mr. O goes to work in the morning (3/26/12)
Day 53: I leave myself such sweet notes (3/27/12)
Day 54: There is usually chocolate in that bear’s lap (3/28/12)
Day 55: My view from work (3/29/12)
Day 56: I want to jump back into bed. I don’t want to go to work (3/30/12)
Day 57: I need to put some air in those tires before heading to NH (3/31/12)
Day 58: Wolverine is about to head down the waterslide in our hotel (4/1/12)
Day 59: Rawr! The dinosaur at the Boston Museum of Science (4/2/12)


More 365 Photos

Days 42-50 and I’m still going strong…

Day 42: I almost forgot to take a photo! I was so grateful that I had taken a picture of this candy to text to Mr. O and ask if he wanted any when I was at CVS. If it wasn’t for that, I would have missed this day completely. (3/16)
Day 43: Making Green Milk (well, the leprechaun made it… not me!) for St. Patrick’s Day (3/17)
Day 44: The leprechaun somehow stole our gold and made it out of our trap! He left a Lucky Charm trail on his way out the door. (3/18)
Day 45: I had a migraine at work, and everything was just too sunny. I tried (unsuccessfully) to block the light from my window. (3/19)
Day 46: Finally caught up on my Google Reader (3/20)
Day 47: Hmm, what should I snack on? Fiber One cereal or Cookies and Cream chocolates? Tough Choice (3/21)
Day 48: Making Shrimp and Chicken Mozambique (3/22)
Day 49: Strawberries and blackberries- a much healthier snack than day 47! (3/23)
Day 50: My badge from #BBBos (Blog Better Boston). What an awesome day (3/24)


365 Catch Up Take Two


Days 33-41!
Day 33: Love on my wrist
Day 34: Love VoxBox
Day 35: Portuguese Steak
Day 36: Blinds
Day 37: I love Mr. O
Day 38: First time wearing flip flops all season
Day 39: Coworker compliments
Day 40: Dr’s office
Day 41: Sleeping Fenway

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