365 Photos: 78-86

Day 78: 4/21- Humpty Dumpty Chips (Do y’all have these near you? Because we don’t in MA)
Day 79: 4/22- Who do you think will win the race? Wolverine or the snail?
Day 80: 4/23-Ouch!
Day 81: 4/24-AGAIN Dunkin gave me a coffee missing 1/4th of the drink!
Day 82: 4/25-Not sure if I should take a bite out of this candy, because one is already missing!
Day 83: 4/26- Mr. O makes me iced coffee for work. Awww.
Day 84: 4/27-Ha! Well, it is true. I had a lot of voice mails that day.
Day 85: 4/28-Fresh little necks for dinner
Day 86: 4/29-My niece wanted a hamster for her birthday. So I printed a picture of one for her.



  1. Holly says:

    My hometown (Hartland, NB) is home of a Humpty Dumpty chip plant 🙂 I don’t eat any other type of chips – well, unless there’s Lays ketchup chips around …

    • erin says:

      NO WAY!!!! We bought like 6 bags when we were in NH in April… and when we were there last September we bought 10!!! (We share them with one of MR. O’s friends!)
      We have two bags left and no plans to go to New Hampshire next!

      What a small world!

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