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Days 42-50 and I’m still going strong…

Day 42: I almost forgot to take a photo! I was so grateful that I had taken a picture of this candy to text to Mr. O and ask if he wanted any when I was at CVS. If it wasn’t for that, I would have missed this day completely. (3/16)
Day 43: Making Green Milk (well, the leprechaun made it… not me!) for St. Patrick’s Day (3/17)
Day 44: The leprechaun somehow stole our gold and made it out of our trap! He left a Lucky Charm trail on his way out the door. (3/18)
Day 45: I had a migraine at work, and everything was just too sunny. I tried (unsuccessfully) to block the light from my window. (3/19)
Day 46: Finally caught up on my Google Reader (3/20)
Day 47: Hmm, what should I snack on? Fiber One cereal or Cookies and Cream chocolates? Tough Choice (3/21)
Day 48: Making Shrimp and Chicken Mozambique (3/22)
Day 49: Strawberries and blackberries- a much healthier snack than day 47! (3/23)
Day 50: My badge from #BBBos (Blog Better Boston). What an awesome day (3/24)



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