365 Photo Challenge Days 51-59

Day 51: Fenway and I aren’t too pleased with Netflix lately (3/25/12)
Day 52: My bed looks so lonely when Mr. O goes to work in the morning (3/26/12)
Day 53: I leave myself such sweet notes (3/27/12)
Day 54: There is usually chocolate in that bear’s lap (3/28/12)
Day 55: My view from work (3/29/12)
Day 56: I want to jump back into bed. I don’t want to go to work (3/30/12)
Day 57: I need to put some air in those tires before heading to NH (3/31/12)
Day 58: Wolverine is about to head down the waterslide in our hotel (4/1/12)
Day 59: Rawr! The dinosaur at the Boston Museum of Science (4/2/12)


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