12 Resolutions: Reviewing February and Introducing March

So, basically, I kicked ass in January and February for my monthly goals. In January I wasted less, and in February, I purged more. I’m actually going to be posting a lot about last month’s goals. I tried my best to take pictures of everything I donated or trashed, but to be honest, I know a lot went without being photographed. It shocks me that I still have so much I can get rid of, but I actually found purging to be quite fun and motivating, so I will definitely continue it this month as well.

I’m already failing a bit this month. My goal for the month was to write every single day for a minimum of thirty minutes. In the grand scheme of things, this should be remarkably easy. I am a creative writing graduate student who is completing her thesis. This simple fact alone makes it necessary for me to be writing at least thirty minutes, but really I should be doing much more.

The problem is that I have been falling flat on my face this month. My next packet is due two weeks from now, and I need to hustle in order to complete it. Not only do I need quantity, but I need quality. I definitely find that my writing is better when I write regularly, so I am hoping and praying to complete 45 good pages at minimum in the next two weeks. I know I can do it, but it means I need to make some life changes. Today is the 13th of March. So far, I know there were 6 days that I wrote for thirty minutes. There are nineteen days left in this month (only 14 until my packet is due though), so I’m making it public, and I hope when I check back next month I can confirm that I’ve followed through.


  1. Gina says:

    Way to kick ass with your January and February goals!

    As for March, no worries. You still have time. If it makes you feel any better, my goal for this year was to read a book a week, and that’s definitely not happening these days. 😛

  2. Melissa says:

    Good job on Jan and Feb! I can’t believe you’re writing your THESIS, to top it all off. I’ve got faith you’ll pull through, I find that mid-month check ins always help me too. Good luck! 😀

    • erin says:

      Aww thanks 😉 I know. I’m a nutcase. Not quite sure how well I am going to pull the thesis off, but I always make do somehow or another. I’ll be okay. And I like the mid-month check-in idea. That is something I will definitely keep up with from now on.

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