More Purging

Good riddance junk I don’t need!

The first picture is of a bunch of junk I found in my floral supplies. I had no plan to sort through that bin (I thought it was organized! ha!), but I was making a corsage for my niece (she and my brother were going to the father/daughter dance that night). Most of the stuff I took out of there got thrown in the trash. Actually, I threw out everything in that first photo. The rest of the stuff I organized so that I’d be prepared the next time I needed to use my floral supplies. For whatever reason, I had mascara and lip gloss in there. I also threw out an empty pin box, remnants of ribbon from a previous wedding, some plastic container and the leftover fabric from my bridesmaid’s dress for my friend Holly’s wedding. I french braided the bridesmaids bouquets with that fabric.

As you can see the second photo is a bunch of movies that I am either going to sell or donate. I boxed them up for now, but they need to get going soon. I want the clutter to be completely done, not just hidden. When Hollywood Video was open, I used to go there all the time and buy the movies they had on sale. I accumulated a large collection. Some of these movies I own doubles (shame on my memory!), and others I’m just not interested in keeping. I used to buy movies just to try them out since the cost of renting was sometimes the cost of purchasing! If anyone wants some movies, let me know. I’d be happy to part with them.



  1. San says:

    Good for you for getting rid off the clutter.
    I hardly ever buy any movies, only the ones that I REALLY love and will watch again and again….

    • erin says:

      Yeah, I am trying to stick to that now, especially cause I have and regularly use Netflix. I will defintiely rewatch lots of movies that I love, but I mean, what is the point to buy them now, when I can usually netflix them to watch them?

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