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I am feeling pretty overwhelmed.
I think about all the stuff I have to do more than I do all the stuff that needs to be done.
I know the lyrics to thousands of songs. I could totally win that game show where you have to fill in the blank with song lyrics.
I have to finish week three of the Fierce Love Course and check in with my FL Buddy.
I wish I wouldn’t always take things so personally. (This was San’s answer, but I am in complete agreement.)
I hate feeling disorganized.
I miss my friends who I haven’t seen in a while like Michaela and Elizabeth and Sarah.
I fear not living in the present.
I hear papers being shuffled.
I smell garlic parmesan pretzels.
I crave nothing really. I’m very content.
I search for a way to be better organized.
I wonder what my writing groove will feel like when I find it. Where, when, how often?
I regret nothing. Truly. There is nothing that I wish happened differently in my life. It might have sucked to experience some things b.
I love the people in my life!
I ache. Yeah, that is it. I’m an old lady in a young lady’s body.
I am not giving up.
I believe in the power of kindness, in patience.
I dance with Mr. O in the kitchen sometimes.
I sing all the time.
I cry when I’m upset. It is a release. Just because I cry it doesn’t mean I am weak. If anything, letting out the tears allows me to stay strong.
I fight no unnecessary battles. Make love, not war.
I win every single day, because I am lucky to have incredible people in my life.
I lose many bets with Mr. O.
I never take the people in my life for granted.
I always wake up and thank the universe for the main people in my life.
I confuse some people with my positive attitude. It makes me sad that people feel cautious around me because they think I’m being “fake” when I’m really just excitable, but oh well.
I listen to the advice of people I can trust. I listen to my gut before I make any final decisions.
I can usually be found cuddling with Mr. O, playing with Wolverine, on my computer for school, work and play.
I am scared of people I love leaving me.
I need sleep, and lots of it.
I am happy about my eyes. I went to my one month post-op appointment this week and my doctor is quite pleased with my success.
I imagine a long life filled with my loved ones and many wonderful experiences.


  1. San says:

    Oh, thanks for ‘stealing’ this… because I LOVED to read (and learn) more about you.
    We’re truly very similar persons, Erin.


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