Welcome, twenty-nine.

Last year I wrote a post on who I was at 28. I just reread the post, and most of it still rings true. For the second year in a row, I still have brown hair. I still no longer need glasses. I still wear my Pandora bracelet from Mr. O, and I still do too many projects at work at once. I still have scars. I still carry around a purse filled with various items, although there are no cough drops in there this year, which I consider a win. It is so interesting in how much has changed in the past year, while at the same time, how very little has changed as well.

This morning, a friend accidentally posted, “Happy New Year!” on my Facebook wall. I thought to myself, as I was laying in bed reading my early morning birthday messages, “What an interesting, yet appropriate, way to say happy birthday to someone.” Then my friend deleted the post from my wall and sent me a message to say that it was meant for her wall, and wished me a happy birthday. I was confused. Later, I looked at my work calendar and realized today is Rosh Hashanah and my friend is Jewish. So the Facebook slip up made much more sense. The whole post really got me thinking. For me–and for those of the Jewish faith–today is the beginning of a new year. I think from now on, when I think of birthdays, I’m going to realize they are ripe with possibility. I’m going to wish my friends a happy new year of their lives.

So far, my favorite parts of the day have been: 1) Getting a birthday text message from my best friend and then getting the same exact message sent to me on Facebook. When I called her out on a “copy and paste” she told me she typed the same thing out twice, and it isn’t official until its Facebook official! 2) Birthday coupons! Yes, CVS, I will take those extra coupons off your hand. You know you’re getting old when you get real excited about birthday coupons. 3) Youth football practice. 4) My homemade birthday cards from Mr. O and Wolverine. Overall, it was a really nice day.

Welcome, 29. Let’s do this.20130905-190735.jpg


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