Lifeway Kefir

So I’ve really been working at trying new foods. When Influenster gave me the chance to try Kefir, I jumped at the opportunity.

IMG_6823I picked the peach flavor, which is apparently popular, because I noticed on Facebook that Kate picked peach too! The Kefir is a probiotic (face it, we could all use more probiotics in our system), and to me, it tasted like a yogurt drink. I really liked it. This was a pretty big sized bottle, so I drank about half one day. Another day, I added about a cup of the Kefir my green smoothie. It was a nice addition. I’ll definitely purchase more of this product in the future, probably the popsicles!

Thank you Influenster and Lifeway for providing me a coupon to purchase this item for free, and test it out.


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