Internet Finds: Week Two

Following up on last week’s post which focused on goals and resolutions, I’d like to share with you something Elise wrote about the difference between goals and items on your to-do list. Her post focuses on how she strategizes different levels of goals.

The incredible Danielle LaPorte wrote a post titled Curatives for Judgement. The post title is what pulled me in: “Please read before you interact with other humans.” I’m a big believer on watching your words, actions and interactions because you never know how people interpret you. This is not to say (and quite opposite) that you should censor yourself, but it is to say that people interact or perceive things because of what’s happening in their own lives. We need to be respectful and caring in our communication.

Amy wrote a great post called Things to Remember. I agree with so many of these things, and think that we all need a reminder like this every once in a while.

Ashley Perez wrote a great post for Hello Giggles called How to be Like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in 2013. These woman are true motivators and I think they are great role models.

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