Weekly Internet Finds #9

Well it’s been a while, but I am back with a few links to share with you.

One new blog I found (through Pinterest) is Shanty to Chic. I love her tutorials, because everything is so easy and doesn’t seem the least bit overwhelming. Here is a tutorial for easy no-sew window treatments.

This is a great read for all writers.  Lauren DeStefano urges you to tell your story.

Are you a brilliant woman? More than likely that is a yes, because I’ve only got a handful of male blog readers. If you are a brilliant woman, Tara Mohr has ten rules for you.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest FOREVER but eventually I’d really like to do something like this for Mr. O. Maybe for our anniversary next year, we can create one of these together.

6-year-old Sam has cancer. Be a superhero and let him know you’re pulling for him. It’s easy. Kate will tell you how to do it, and if you can’t for whatever reason mail something to Sam, Kate will do it for you. Kate, you’re a hero.

This week is “officially” Write a Letter to Your Future Spouse Week. Have you done it yet? I did it! Peter came up with the idea (well, he’s been writing to his future wife for a while, and so many awesome other bloggers have joined in. You should too.


  1. Suburban Sweetheart says:

    I have to say, I’ve always been really weirded out by the “letters to my future husband/wife” blog posts. I can’t explain it, it just makes me uncomfortable. if you’re engaged or with the person you’ll be marrying, fine; way less weird. But people writing to people they’ve never met yet? Do not like. I feel like I’m the only one, though?

    Also, THANK YOU for posting the Superhero Sam link!

    • erin says:

      I like the idea behind it alot. I wrote a few letters to my future husband a few years ago. It was nice to just get some things off my chest and write to someone I didn’t know yet. I still like the idea, although it was much tougher to write this one seeing as I live with the man I think will be my future husband.

      But one way I will agree with you (and I don’t necessarily mean this about some of the people I’ve read recently who’ve been inspired by Peter) is that the content bothers me in some letters. To be honest I’m only thinking of one letter in general (which wasn’t inspired by Peter, I think) but I was just totally turned off by what was written. I’d like to think these letters would be positive, not negative… Some of the content is just strange- … I guess I’d leave it at that.

      And you’re welcome for sharing the link. It is an incredible thing to support Sam!

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