Sneaking Cigarettes Into Jail

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To the person who found my blog by searching for……

how to take cigarettes into gwinnett county jail

I don’t even know where to start with this one to be honest with you. Part of me wonders how the hell anyone could find my blog by searching for that, but I’m sure I know what they found. One of my MFA colleagues wrote a post for my Defining Moments Series about spending a weekend in the Gwinnett County Jail. It was a great post actually, and I was fortunate that he agreed to write a second post for this series.

But let us talk about what you’re really wondering: how can one secretly bring in cigarettes to a jail? You definitely must have been super disappointed when you find my blog. Little Miss Sunshine 1) isn’t in jail 2) doesn’t visit jails and 3) doesn’t smoke. Plus, I’m all about the honesty. You want to bring smokes into a jail? Why not try asking? Trust me, if you don’t ask for things, you’ll never know what the answer could have been. Maybe the prison guard would say, “Sure, sweet thang. You bring them smokes on in here.” Now, do I think a prison guard would realistically say that? Probably not, but how would I know?

Now, moving on… Why do you want to smoke in the first place? Hasn’t anyone ever told you how bad smoking is? I quit smoking four and a half years ago. I never thought I could do it, but I did and I couldn’t be happier about it. You should try it too. Want to know another thing you should try? Staying out of trouble! Now, I don’t know if it is you or someone else who wants those cigarettes in jail, but I’m going to make one big assumption here and guess you’re spending time with the wrong crowd. Stop that! Gwinnett County is actually an awesome area north of Atlanta. Go out and find something productive to do with your time! There are so many good restaurants down there. Go out to eat or go shopping or something.

Well, I know you definitely didn’t mean to find this blog, but I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for,

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