Weekly Internet Finds: Take 6

My goal for the month of May to be a better blogger. One of the sub-goals is to not let good posts waste away in my Reader. I’m glad I do these weekly post now where I can share posts I like, because I know that will help them from getting lost in my Reader (and in turn, this will help me complete my goal!)

First, I’d like to announce how very happy I am for Angela over at Tomorrow Is Another Day. After a long and emotional process (and RIGHT before she and her husband move to Germany!) she finally found out she was pregnant! With twins! She’s blogging about her journey and you can start at part one here.

Next, I want to share Caiti’s post on the Stratejoy site about creating a family. She writes about being unsure she wanted to have children, and then realizing she does, and now possibly facing infertility.

Speaking of Stratejoy, Molly is starting a Book Club. This month’s book is MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.

I think my friend Ioanna did a terrific job writing a blog post about Roland Merullo’s ‘Demons of the Blank Page’ while still keeping it personal and writing about her own struggles as a writer.

I can definitely blame AJ for making me waste a night’s worth of thesis editing. Well, that isn’t true, I’ve got no one to blame but myself. Anyway, check out her post on infographics. After I read it, I went straight to Wordle and pasted each of my thesis stories to see what kind of graphic I would get. They were all so awesome that I considered including them in my thesis for one small minute. Until I realized there was no real point to put them in the thesis, but they did look cool either way.

Stacey’s post on melancholy was so interesting to me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that there will be points that I’ll feel really low, but I’m also a very UP person. So I identify with her in some ways, and in the ways I don’t, I’m really just so interested in her perspective. I thought this was such an interesting read.


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