Weekly Internet Finds

If you aren’t reading The Middle Finger Project, you are missing out. Check out her  newest post which is so aptly titled: Fuck Plan B. You’re on the A Team. Remember how last week I included two Ashley’s links? Yet again! MFP is written by Ash.

To keep up with the streak, Ashlee from Where My Heart Resides wrote a beautiful post about the mom she wants to be. I got a little teary. See, Ash/Ashey/Ashlee’s are taking over the blog-o-sphere.

Nora’s post about going to the library and StoryCorps really struck a cord in me. How cool is the premise of StoryCorps? I wish they came to people’s houses, and we could have StoryCorps parties and record everyone’s history. Wait… maybe something like that exists already.

A.J.’s post about Baby Fever was pretty fantastic. In fact, I’m honestly not sure whether the picture is of Ally McBeal or AJ. Because it seriously looks like her to me.

Alena, a friend from my MFA program who recently started a blog has many humorous posts. The most recent one made me giggle this week, but I’d honestly recommend that you check out her archives as well.

I loved this photobook of Instagram pictures. I especially loved how she used a sharpie to write in notes on the book. I totally think I will do something like this when my 365 photo challenge is complete. I love it! I’m new to her blog, and I am loving every post. I love when I find a new blogger to crush on.

And finally, this one is a tiny bit old (I didn’t read it this week), but I just noticed it in my starred items in my reader. If you check this out, I’d recommend starting at #1 and then reading your way to this link. Jennifer wrote her adoption story so beautifully. I read the whole thing twice. I don’t know her at all, but I am so happy for her.


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