365 Photos: Week Three

It isn’t easy to remember to take these pictures, but I am trying! I’m going strong with week #3. Can someone out there teach me how to pretty this up with Instagram or something?


Day 15: Making frozen green apple margaritas for Mr. O and me


Day 16: Octopus (hot dog) Mac and Cheese for Wolverine


Day 17: Handwriting (Just a mini excerpt from a huge to-do list)


Day 18: Just started reading The Happiness Project, a Christmas gift from my mom


Day 19: My healthy lunch! Apple, Special K and yogurt


Day 20: A peek at my planner. It says "Massholes Unite"... My writing group is called the Masshole Writers. Oh, yeah.


Day 21: Getting together some prizes for a competition we had at work!



  1. Kelly says:

    I really liked Happiness Project book, I read it about this time last year!

    Thanks for letting me know about Blog Better Boston- I’d love to go but I have a baby shower that day… and many other Saturdays in March haha, lucky me!

    • erin says:

      Oh boo. That always happens to me. I had something from the first weekend of Feb to mid April…except for the blog better boston conference , so it worked out for once.

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