i’m not a newbie anymore!

So, not only have I finished my first semester of graduate school, but I have also finished all my training at work! Technically, I’ve got a lot to learn still, but it will be more of a on the spot training. I’m moving on up in the world, folks!

So lets just put this out in the open: I did not finish NaBloPoMo OR NaNoWriMo….wah. I have no one or nothing to blame but myself.

The next 20SB Blog Swap will be on 12/20 and I am so very excited. My swap partner is actually brand new to me; I’ve been a bad 20SB blogger. Not “bad,” I’ve just neglected my membership. I’m actually very glad I got paired with a person I’ve never communicated with before, because I am looking for some new people to follow! Make sure y’all tune back here on the 20th so you can read what my swap partner has to say 😉

I’m going to Atlanta in less than a month!

Over the course of my first semester, I came across some article or blogs I found interesting or helpful. I figured I would share them, in case any of you budding writers (or readers) might be interested.
Check out Sari Botton’s Conversations With Writer’s Braver Than Me. Her first interview is with Vivian Gornick. How awesome is that? She’s done 4-5 more since then that I can’t wait to read.
Also, you might want to check out this random post I found about Joan Didion. I love the quotations on here.
The Forums on Nathan Bransford’s Blog are kind of fantastic. Don’t forget to check out the actual blog as well. It’s pretty great.
For writers (like me) who find the idea of writing 15-20 pages (on deadline) daunting and scary, you should check out this site.

Will someone please get me this shirt or mug? I found this on Sari Botton’s Tumbler, but it can be purchased in The Rumpus Store.

I still have yet to put up my Christmas Tree or send out my holiday cards or decorate for the holidays (besides some garland on my desk at work, which I will make sure to photograph and post). I’m thinking next year that I will do all this stuff after Halloween, because November and December fly by for me, and I am always upset that I have not completed any of these tasks. Oh well, I’ll put up my tree (its a wire tree) and I’ll keep it up til Valentine’s Day. Who says you have to take down a tree right after Christmas, anyway?

So, I’m doing the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day. Has anyone else done this before? Any suggestions? I’m getting nervous about it. I think I’m going to start jumping in the shower without putting the hot water on, and then gradually work up to the hot water. HA!