Eight Things I’m Okay With Liking

Two days ago I posted about the 8 things that I am okay with not liking. I thought it would be fun to do a follow-up post featuring 8 random things I am actually okay with. What are your 8 items?

  1. Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. This isn’t my normal “type” of ice cream, but for months and months now, I just can’t get enough of it. It is my guilty pleasure and my occasional night-time snack.
  2. Using too many organizational systems. I haven’t quite figured out works for me yet, but I do know that if I don’t write something down it doesn’t exist. This is why I need a planner. I really would like to become more digital with my organization, but I’m sticking with what works for now.
  3. The Red Sox. I’ve had a tough past year with the Red Sox. Saying I was upset that Terry Francona was let go is a huge understatement, and a team that I couldn’t even recognize was tough for me. But here’s the thing: when you are a Boston fan, you need to learn to roll with the punches. Teams change, and while it isn’t easy to adjust to, if you’re a real fan, you simply must adjust…and I’m a real fan.
  4. Minor PDA. I love Mr. O, and I also love holding his hand and giving him kisses. I by no means grope the guy in public, but I love being able to walk hand in hand with him.
  5. Bleach. I love the smell of it. I love to wash my whites with a lot of bleach, and I love to use it to clean my apartment.
  6. Project Life and everything that goes along with it. Yes, there may be scraps of paper, and yes I do spend money on printing photos, but I still love documenting my year, and I can’t wait to start the 2013 album.
  7. Pinterest. It is such a guilty pleasure of mine. I waste way too much time just scrolling through the site, but I love it so much. If we aren’t friends yet, then you should friend me on there.
  8. Naps. I love to nap. I’ve probably only napped a handful of times in the past year, but I still love it so much. I relish every nap I take, and wish I could take more.

Pinterest Obsession: Growing Green Onions

In January, my goal of the month was to waste less. I was tired of throwing out leftovers or unused portions of food, and I think I did a pretty good job being mindful of my ingredients and reusing extras in other recipes. Mr. O and I use a lot of garlic and onions in our food. I’ve seen (and pinned) a few pictures on Pinterest which show people regrowing vegetables, and I’ve been curious about it.

About a week ago, Mr. O and I had a dumpling making party (aka he and I rolled dumplings in the dining room). We use green onions in our dumpling stuffing, so I decided to keep the ends and see if I could use them to regrow green onions like the pin I found on Pinterest. I wish I took a picture every day, because this growth spurt has been incredible. I’ll do a follow-up post after I cut these onions down with a day-by-day growth of the onions, but for now, I will show you the seven-day growth of this bunch.

You can easily see the where the onions started on August 5th by the thick line on the white stem. The picture below was taken only four days later on August 9th. I wish I had measured the growth, but I didn’t. I think it is safe to say there is about 4 inches of growth.


The next picture was taken on Saturday, August 11th. As you can see, there is about 6.5 inches of growth in just six days (and at least 2 inches in two days).

And finally, this last picture was taken yesterday. Look at the difference in just one more day!

Who knows how long we will be able to use these green onions. I think I will be cutting them in the next couple days. I’ll try to let you know how long I can keep these onions regrowing.



Pinterest Obsession: Birthday Countdown

NOTE: I originally wrote this post at the end of June! I just forgot it in my draft folder I guess!

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I have been for a long time. Once I thought I had the obsession controlled, but like any addiction, when I signed back in a few months later to “browse” because I was bored, I was instantly hooked again. I just can’t control myself; I’m a pinner.

So this past Saturday Wolverine and I started a countdown until his birthday. We used some colored paper, a hole puncher and a marker to make the tear off dates for the countdown. It was “cute” but certainly not that crafty. I’ll be honest and explain that when I say Wolverine and I made a countdown, what I mean is that I threw together a countdown while he played with his dad… but it was for him. So I promise I’m not insulting a future six-year-old’s creativity. He just agreed that making a countdown would be fun. That was his level of excitement.

So while the original countdown worked, I just wasn’t pleased with it. I knew I had pinned a few countdown photos on Pinterest, but I couldn’t for the life of me find them in my boards. My boards are super disorganized right now and totally need to be decluttered. Anyway, on Sunday morning I decided to search my pins one more time, and I found it!

The lovely ladies of Eighteen25 shared a free printable on Skip to My Lou and I had saved the pin in my Can I DIY board! So I downloaded and printed it and then Wolverine and I set off to find a frame to put it in. This was a little tricky, because when we all moved in together, I packed up much of my home-accessories (like all my frames). Finally we found a 8×10 frame, and at that point, both Wolverine and I didn’t care what the frame looked like. That’s it folks! Now we have a fancy schmancy wipe-off frame to countdown the days until his birthday.

This is soooo much cooler than what I had originally done.