Currently in December

photo-1423483641154-5411ec9c0ddfReading: Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (yet again).

Listening: I’m still hooked on podcasts. I cannot believe that the first season of Serial just ended.

Excited: for the holiday season.

Watching: Forensic Files. I love this show. I just watched all of the episodes on Netflix, and I found out there are so many more on Amazon Prime. Yahoo.

Wearing: Anything to keep me warm. I am cold all of the time.

Wishing: Loga, our Elf on the Shelft could stay year round.

Drinking: Still mostly just water with lemon. Usually alternate with some cranberry grape juice to mix things up a bit.

Loving: Spending time with my friends. I just had a nice girls brunch last week.

Loathing: last minute errands and holiday gifts I still haven’t purchased. I start shopping very early every year as I have a ton of birthdays to buy for on top of Christmas presents. I was about 75% done with my shopping in the beginning of November, and then everything stalled!

Admiring: my new Christmas tree.


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