Six-Month Wedding Picture Grace Period

Is there a grace period for having your wedding picture as your profile picture on Facebook?

Tonight, a colleague of mine mentioned in a post that it makes him sad when he sees women in their wedding gowns past the “six-month grace period.” I had never heard of this. Have  you?

I got my wedding photos about two months after my wedding. I thought that was remarkably fast seeing how long it took some of my friends to get their photos back. If you’d like me to be honest with you, I’m not even sure I’ve seen all of my wedding pictures. There are just so many of them. If you’re looking for an incredible wedding photographer in the Southeastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island area, you definitely want to book with Brittany Adams Photography. I loved working with her, and can give her the highest recommendation. Here is her blog roundup of my wedding. It’s incredible.

But back to Facebook. Is there an expiration date on how long you can keep your wedding photos up? If you’d like me to be honest with you, I planned on keeping my wedding photos online forever. Well, maybe not forever, but certainly for a long time. Am I narcissistic or is this normal?

After the conversation though, I really thought about it. How long is too long to have wedding pictures up. Will I really have me and Mr. O as a profile picture three years from now? Should I put up “normal” pictures of us after we’ve been married for six months? a year? Who makes this timeline, and where can I find out more information about it?

What do you think?  I’m really interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts.


  1. Phil says:

    People may or may not think it’s narcissistic but that’s their own opinion. it’s your Facebook profile — you can keep your wedding photos up as long as you want. Your colleague needs to get a life.

  2. rachieannie says:

    I don’t really use my wedding pictures for my profile pictures anymore (granted, it has been almost 5 years …), but I most definitely have an album with wedding pictures that I don’t plan on taking down anytime soon!

  3. LovelyAnomaly says:

    I set profile pictures from things that remind me of happy moments in my life: my wedding, my honeymoon, adventures with a friend, hiking down and back up a canyon… Whatever makes me happy! In fact, my tumblr picture is from my honeymoon over two years ago. I say post what makes you happy. Besides, you paid for those pictures, might as well use ’em as long and as often as possible! 🙂

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