A Few More Writing Links

I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing a few more writing links with you. I promise this is will be my third and final day sharing links I love or links to writing I’ve published.


Vector valentine day greeting card in flat style10 Jewelry Blog Ideas to Dazzle Your Potential Customers

“The business is all about glamorous products aimed at women. For chains with big TV ad budgets, it’s easy to sell beauty, especially when it comes wrapped up in emotion or romance. But for jewelry makers and retailers in a market more crowded than the setting in Kim Kardashian West’s wedding ring, the story is the most important part. It’s one of your few opportunities to separate yourself from the pack.”



Twitter for Bloggers: Define and Grow Your Social Presence

“You’re blogging – wonderful! Content creation can be great for community building, information dissemination, and even regular ol’ personal purging. If you’ve been blogging for some time now, you’ve likely signed up for other social media outlets – such as Twitter –as a way to strengthen and develop your blog.”



Honeymoon couple enjoy ocean sunset

Twitter Honeymoon Planning for the Recently Engaged

“The one thing I knew I wanted from my honeymoon was to do as little planning as possible. Knowing that I wanted a short engagement meant detailed, organized planning would be of utmost importance for my wedding to go off without a hitch. I didn’t, however, want to put that same effort into my honeymoon. I longed for the days when you could just show up at the airport and request to be put on the next available flight. There’s a sort of serendipity to traveling at a moment’s notice. So what did I do? I took to Twitter. Honeymoon planning no longer felt like a drag when I had a wealth of opinions and advice available, and to be honest, it ended up being fun.”


Bird hand shake

Have a Suspended Twitter Account? Here’s How to Reactivate Your Twitter

“Suspended Twitter accounts are nothing new. While this has recently come into the spotlight, Twitter has been suspending accounts all along. Here’s an explanation on why an account may be suspended, and how a user should go about reactivating their account.”


Vector flat employment infographics elements10 HR Blog Ideas to Keep Your Company Up to Code

“Human resources is an information hub. Employees come to you by way of recruitment, performance evaluation, problems, or termination. Simply put, people have questions. Employees, managers, and even other human resources professionals are looking for answers. Creating an HR blog is a way to disseminate policies and expectations in a clear and comprehensive way.”

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