Currently in August

Reading: 6ba44ef01d9750cfb0177c86580b1b40Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott

Listening: to my old iPod and the super cool music I had on there.

Excited: for my upcoming 30th birthday

Watching: Tosh.0 season 2 on Amazon.

Wearing: I forgot that last month I was giving my clothes one last chance. I’m going to start that again now!

Wishing: I hope the weather stays like this for a very long time. The sun is warm, but the breeze is cool. I have no interest in winter, but I do love this weather.

Drinking: Trying to get even more water in my system every day.

Loving: my husband, Mr. O. He is such a stud.

Loathing: Disagreements. I try to live a very conflict-free life, so it is tough to have some things be unsettled.

Admiring: My coworkers. I feel so fortunate to work with such incredible people. Check us out here.

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  1. Michele @ A Storybook Life says:

    I love “right now” type posts. And doubly love Anne Lamott. I would read her grocery lists! And I hear you on trying to avoid conflict, though I’m trying to learn from some people I admire that not all conflict is bad (and the uncertainty and anxiety that can come from not speaking up can wreak more havoc than the conflict itself!). Good luck working through what’s unsettled for you.

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