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Reading: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Listening: to the mix CD our wedding DJ gave to us after the reception.

Excited: to be traveling with my coworkers to North Conway, NH for work next week.

Watching: Netflix: Lost and Crimes of the Century. I finished season two of House of Cards, and as soon as we finish Lost, we can start season two of Orange is the New Black!

Wearing: Trying to wear items in my closet that go unworn often. If I don’t like it on, then it’s time to donate. So basically, I’m giving things one last chance.

Wishing: I could relive our entire wedding. It was such a happy, beautiful night.

Drinking: Coffee.

Loving: Our new couple’s journal, my new journal, and seeing pictures from the wedding. I also LOVE that it has been over two years now since my dad’s heart attack, and that he is healthy and happy.

Loathing: Unclean and unorganized places. Cluttered brain.

Admiring: the members of my literary community. I’m witnessing such incredible things lately. Contributors of Spry are doing big things in their personal career. Spry’s getting excellent submissions. I’ve gotten two essays published recently. Everything is just going really well in the lit world and I love it.


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