To My Future Husband: I’m No Longer The Girlfriend

Hello love,

Here we are in a new stage of our relationship. It’s temporary, a middle ground between two different points in our life. We were once boyfriend and girlfriend. We will soon be husband and wife. For now though, we are fiance and fiancée. We are in this very short transitional period in our relationship, and I don’t know what to do with it.

I find myself  still introducing you as my “boyfriend.” When we were first engaged, I tried to fit the term “fiance” into conversations. I loved the idea of calling you my fiance; I wanted the world to know we had changed paths and were moving forward in a different direction. But when I hear myself say it out loud, I felt silly. I felt as if I should be saying it with an accent, and only when saying something extremely important.

And that–feeling silly calling you by your new term–is silly in its own regard.

There are only eight months (and one day) from the date of our engagement to the date of the wedding. It’s a short precious time, and I want to own our new fleeting status. As of today, there are only 54 days until we change titles again. We will move from fiance and fiancée to husband and wife, and that is where I hope we will remain forever.

So from this day forward, I commit to pushing past my title fear and calling you my fiance. You are no longer my boyfriend. That was a beautiful time in our lives that I will forever be grateful for, but that time has passed. For now, ever how brief, you are my wonderful fiance.

With my greatest love,

Your fiancée



    • reinventingerin says:

      It is. I love the word, but when I go to introduce him as my fiance, it just feels weird! There are only 50 days until the wedding now, so I’m committing to using the word while I can!

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