28: Day One

This picture was borrowed with permission from the lovely Sarah at Sunny Side Up. Head over and wish her a happy birthday, too!

I’ve been looking forward to turning twenty-eight (in a very, “oh, wow… my birthday is already in three days? Wow, really?” kind of way).

I didn’t care too much for twenty-seven. Don’t get me wrong, some incredible things happened while I was twenty-seven. I died my hair brown, got laser eye surgery (I can see!), finished my thesis, graduated from the best MFA in creative writing program in the whole world, and started a literary journal (to name just a few things). In fact, it was a really nice year. So I guess I should rephrase: Twenty-seven was a really good year, but I think that twenty-eight will be a great year.

My birthday got off to a good start. I woke up on the side of the most handsome man in the world. There were already two birthday messages (and one of them had a picture of my friend’s baby attached) in my inbox. On my ride to work I got a few more birthday text messages. Around 9:00am, I received a phone call from my mom. When I picked up, my parents were singing Happy Birthday. A couple of coworkers had given me cards and a gift. I received not one, but two birthday emails from the dealership I bought my SUV at a year and a half ago (talk about service with a smile). By 11:30am, I had over 60 Facebook birthday messages and a handful on Twitter. By 12:00pm, there was a new submission in Spry’s submission manager.

You can’t tell me that isn’t a great start to the day…because it so is.

As the day went on I got more and more birthday messages on Facebook and Twitter. Spry got two donations and more submissions than I even wished for. I got out of a work meeting somewhat quickly and actually left work on time. My drive home was safe (there was a huge storm in this area with lots of flooding)*. Both Mr. O and my parents got me flowers for my birthday. I ate Pho, my favorite meal, for dinner. I spent a nice evening at home with my love and finished it off with some ice cream cake. In fact, not only did I get one mini-ice cream cake, but my mother dropped off a second!

Two morning texts, two cards at work, two emails from the car dealership, two bouquets of flowers, two donations, two mini ice cream cakes. Maybe this will be my year of the two’s?

Basically, I had a nice and relaxing day. The best gift (besides time with the guy I love) was seeing the submissions and donations come in to Spry. It is tough to start a new venture, and I’m real appreciative of everyone’s support.

So, twenty-eight. It’s been nice so far. Looking forward to tomorrow.


*I usually get hurricanes on my birthday which always spoil my birthday plans with friends. This year I’ll take flooding (which gratefully didn’t bother me) over a hurricane.


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