Weekly Internet Finds #13

I loved Sarah’s overview of her BlogHer experience. She paced herself and didn’t set unrealistic expectations. I’d love to attend a huge blogging conference like BlogHer. Maybe next year.

I am so excited to link you to Dani’s post on vision boards. I am a huge believer of presenting your intentions to the universe. I also love the idea of vision boards, but it has been years since I’ve made one for myself. I’ve also always been pretty unhappy with the vision boards I have created because they always look messy, but I am head over heels with the way Dani has set up her vision board. It is neat, while still serving its purpose. I would love to make one of these for my house.

Do you live anywhere near Stamford, CT? If so, you should attend this reading by my friend A.J. O’Connell on Monday, August 13, 2012.

And speaking of friends who write books, I have an exciting announcement. My friend Colleen wrote a book about staging your home when selling. I haven’t read it yet, but I am sure it is informative and well-written. The exciting thing is that you can download her book FOR FREE this weekend (and this weekend only!).

Happy 38th wedding anniversary to my parents!


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    • erin says:

      You’re welcome and glad to hear. Do you know if it is always in NY? That would make next year a definite possibility for me. I liked your post so much because I feel like I hold back from going to things like that because I don’t know anyone, but I mean, who wants to HOLD BACK in life?! I think you were so smart about how you paced yourself and putting yourself out there, so kudos to you!

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