365 Photos: Days 177-185

Day 177: 7/29… Wolverine and Fenway both want each other to stop what they are doing and play with their toys.
Day 178: 7/30… Snacktime at work
Day 179: 7/31… Dying hydrangea.
Day 180: 8/1… Halftime at Wolverine’s first day of football.
Day 181: 8/2… Sunflower.
Day 182: 8/3… The only pic I have from this day. Weird pic where I think my fingers were moving as I grabbed the phone?
Day 183: 8/4…Family date night at Dave and Busters. We won the jackpot.
Day 184: 8/5… Making dumplings with Mr. O.
Day 185: 8/6… Grateful for my AC on a muggy summer night.


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