Is It Better Not To Know?

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Is it ever better not to know?

Now, this is a tricky question. I’m pretty much honesty obsessed, so my gut wants to tell you no. I don’t like not knowing things. I like full disclosure. I like to be aware of everything, even the things which may hurt me. I really don’t like when people keep things from me and I prefer to live authentically. So, I think my most honest answer to you would be.. No. It’s never better to not know something.

I mean, what is it you think you may not want to know? Are you wondering if your partner is cheating? If so, then I suggest that you find out the answer to that. Are you wondering who the father of your child is? Yup, I think this is also an important fact to have. Wondering if someone stole your identity after you lost your credit cards? Yet again… This is something I would want to know.

Now, while I’m all about the honesty. I think there are many things in life that can be left to the unknown. Did your partner make a comment under their breath when y’all were arguing? You didn’t hear it and now you’re pissed they aren’t repeating it? Cool it, bud. This is a perfect example of all the things that you do not need to know. Sometimes when people are frustrated they might mutter something hurtful that they honestly do not mean. This is the reason they wouldn’t repeat what they said. Stop badgering them to tell you and forget about it. Other times it might be better not to know:

  • when you’re out to a restaurant enjoying a creamy, cheesy pasta dish or some gooey apple pie…who cares how many calories are in there?
  • a friend/family member gets you an expensive gift…what difference does it make how much they paid for it? Maybe they used a coupon.
  • an ex-boy/girlfriend is tossed in jail for embezzling millions of dollars and you thought they were poor… I would absolutely not want to have any information at a time like this.

You want the truth. There is no easy answer to your search, Like life itself, the answer is situational.

I hope my blog helped shed some light on your search. Best of luck,

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  1. Angela Noelle says:

    I agree–this is definitely an question that is very situation based!! Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but no one wants to be in the dark about something important.

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