365 Photos: Week Four

This week was quite tough to remember, but here it is (I edited this post as the pictures weren’t formatted correctly).

Day 22: Trying to perfect the guava mojito


Day 23: Valentine's Day flowers that never quite made it

Day 24: Gloomy Monday Mornings

Day 25: Coconut Shrimp

Day 26: Onions Make Me Cry

Day 27: Bedroom Ceiling

Day 28: Lunch


  1. Melissa says:

    Instagram is an obsession of mine- ha! I use it VERY often for my 365 project as well. I had so much trouble with my project on my blog because I could never remember to take pictures and post them… So I started over & now I’m having fun with Instagram and posting all my photos on Facebook only!! You look like you’re doing well so far though, keep it up! 😀

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