365 Photos Week One

So, one of my goals on my new 101 in 1001 challenge was to complete the 365 day photo challenge. The point of it is to photograph an entire year of your life… And if you know anything about me, I’m sure you know how much I love pictures. I originally wanted to start this on my anniversary as I thought that would be a great way to frame the project, but the anniversary has come and gone, and I forgot about the original goal.

But that is okay. I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out, because I think I have a much better frame now for my project. I started my 365 picture project on February 4, 2012, which was the first day I was able to see. Yes, I could see with glasses prior to the 4th, but I got laser surgery on February 3rd, and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life so far. I won’t bore you with these photos on a daily basis, but I think it would be nice to post them weekly. So here is week one (I’m a few days late for posting this)!

Are you doing (or have you done) a 365 day challenge?

Also, I wanted to send a HUGE Happy Birthday shot out to Sarah, one of my absolute closest friends in this whole wide world. I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing birthday!


Day 1: My eye the day after LASIK



Day 2: The cutest hat I saw advertised in Real Simple (Yes, I take photos of items I like in magazines instead of ripping them out like I used to!)


Day 3: Learning how to make meatballs…


Day 4: Getting ready to do some baking


Day 5: My yummy smores pops I made the night before


Day 6: The important things in life right now. Sunglasses and eye drops


Day 7: End of the week wind down dinner- Asian Mojito


  1. Holly says:

    I’m glad your surgery went well 🙂 I don’t like challenges where I have to do something every day/week because I have a tendency to forget, fall behind, and beat myself up about it. I’m trying to read the Bible through chronologically this year – it’s only February and I’m about 3 weeks behind! Oops …

  2. erin says:

    Thanks Holly! I commend you for trying to read the Bible chronologically. That’s one long book! I’m with you too, i always mess up and get mad at myself, but I like to try to set the goals anyway and stick with them. It only took me like 4 years to successfully complete a NaBloPoMo, but I did it.

  3. Sara says:

    These photos look great – what a fantastic challenge! I can’t wait to see all of the awesome pictures you put together! So glad you found me on twitter – love your blog!!!

    • erin says:

      Thanks Sara!
      I actually found you from the Blog Better Boston conference. And well, yeah then I followed you on Twitter! I’m so looking forward to it!

  4. Kelly says:

    Just found your blog through Nora’s. I love that you wrote posts about dating Yankees fans haha- I have never dated one thank goodness but they did make me laugh. I’m also a huge Francona fan and nervous about the 2012 Red Sox- I hope I will learn to love them!

    • erin says:

      Awwww! HELLO fellow Sox fan and welcome! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. I love Nora’s blog 🙂 Yeah, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on those 2012 Red Sox. We shall see….

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