if clowns can do it, so can i

Deadlines do not like me. Yeah, I’m placing all the blame on the actual deadlines, no blame on myself.

That being said, I am finding school and work and life and sleep and hygene and cleaning and driving to be slightly consuming. Its like I am an ankle deep in quicksand, but the rest of me is on firm land, with an arm wrapped around a sturdy branch to steady me even more. Whats odd is that I do not necessarily feel like I am sinking… I just feel nervous. Its like I need to try as hard as I can to stay focused so that ankle doesn’t slip further and pull my entire body into the sand.

But doesn’t focusing too hard on one thing make you lose sight on the rest? School, work and life right now need to be more of a juggling act, not a balancing act. I should know this by now. Life is a constant flux of paying enough attention to whatever priority actually needs the care.  Sometimes you need to let a ball or two drop, and what happens when they hit the floor? Nothing. You juggle the balls you have in the air until you have a chance to stoop and pick up the ones you dropped.

Don’t be negative, you cynics, you!

Juggling is fun. I’m serious- I swear there is no sarcasm in that statement. Pick up a few objects, toss them in the air, try to keep them in the air… tell me you aren’t smiling. You can’t tell me that, because you are smiling.

Keep that thought in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed. It feels tough- in fact, it is tough- but how can you juggle without a smile on your face?

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