Finding Podcasts

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I recently fell in love with podcasts. Before that I had fallen in love with audiobooks, and because I’m a pretty thrifty gal, I was looking for access to a type of talk entertainment that could buzz in my ears at work or keep me thinking on my way home from work. Purchasing new audiobooks gets expensive. I was lucky to have a bunch of credits on Paperback Swap, so I used the credits to get a few books, but of course, I wanted more.

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Since I knew I wanted try out podcasts, I figured the best way to start was with some blog friends who I knew were currently producing their own podcasts. It was a wonderful way to start listening to podcasts. I went though all of my blog friends’ podcasts, and I needed more to listen to! So I asked for suggestions and a wonderful Twitter friend suggested a few podcasts for me to try. Another awesome friend sent me an email with some suggestions to try.

Besides suggestions from friends though, how does one go about finding podcasts? I’m not really sure I’m the person to give advice about finding podcasts, as it’s a new journey  for me, but I promise to let you know if I learn anything along the way.

Here are the podcasts I’ve listened to so far:

Elise Gets Crafty
Serial Podcast
One Bad Mother
The Sarah Bagley Podcast

Here are the podcasts I have on my radar, but haven’t listened to yet.

Girl on Guy
Totally Married
Totally Mommy

Today I received an email from a friend with a long list of podcasts. I need to do a little research on those, and I’ll get back to you. I’m telling you, without friends’ suggestions, finding podcasts would be so difficult.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions for me?