Today I Will Cast My Vote

I’m about to leave my house and there is a good chance I will vote before work this morning. I’m lucky to live around the corner from my voting station, so I’ll drive by and if it looks quiet enough, I will stop in to vote. Worst case scenario, I will just go on my way home from work tonight.

I think Americans forget how lucky they have it to be able to vote for their elected officials… and to also vote for other items on the ballot. I feel very blessed to have the chance to vote for my president. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the person I voted for wins!

While this sounds silly, I also can’t wait to get an “I voted!” sticker. I mean, the older you get, the less opportunity you have to wear stickers all day. Am I right?

I hope that you all take a moment from your day and head to your local polling stations. It is an important day, folks. Make the best of it.

Update: I just got back in my car after voting with the cutest little old ladies. I, unfortunately, did not get an “I voted!” sticker. I can’t begin to tell you how much that bums me out.

Update #2: I made myself my own voting post-it. It’s the little things, folks.


it gets better

THIS…is just another reason I am proud to have Barack Obama as my President. How awesome is it that he posted an “It Gets Better” video?

I think that kids, especially the younger ones, will be really moved by seeing the leader of their country step up and share his support and opinion. 

I am a huge supporter of Gay Rights, and I wish that America could be less prejudice and more accepting. I think that the President of the United States posting a video like this is just fantastic. The rights of gays and lesbians unfortunately isn’t caught up to heterosexuals, but having the leader of our country speak directly to folks being bullied because of their sexual identity is a sign that maybe this country is moving in the right direction.