February Purging: Take One

Yeah, so apparently I didn’t save the draft of what I’d written for this post… and now have to type it all up again. Sigh. I had actually spent a bit of time writing my first “purging” post, and now I don’t know if I have enough energy (or memory) to make it happen again. Basically, I spent the month of February sorting through our belongings and purging the unnecessary from our lives. It was a huge success. I was terrified by it at first, and then I loved it. I’ll write more about the process in another post, but for this one, I am just going to list all the items I got rid of. This first post covers day one: which was random stereo, computer, music, electrical items.

The items were either donated or trashed:
Above: An alarm clock, a travelling iPod deck, half of an old MP3 player (from like 1999), 8 wheely things that you can put on the bottom of storage bins, one random wire, 5 USB  plug-ins for old cameras or cell phones, two USB wall plug-ins from old cell phones.

Above: I donated these 4 phones to my local women’s shelter. They took the wall charger, 2 car chargers and charger clip as well.

Above: I guess there was one extra USB Charger, ear phone cushy things, a remote and two docks I never used.

There is more purging coming your way!