weddings, dresses and books

So I am pretty excited about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Now we need to make the right to marry whom you love legal regardless of sexual orientation. In the FCKH8 video I posted last month, one of the people in it made a great point. Well, the whole video made a bunch of great points, but here is something that stood out to me: To protect the “sanctity” of marriage, why not try outlawing divorce? Its ridiculous to pretend that we are “protecting” marriage by only allowing heterosexuals to marry. How can that be the right idea? Rush Limbaugh is already on his fourth wife. Which means he has been divorced three times. What do his relationships say about heterosexual marriages? In my opinion, marriage should be about two people who love each other, who are willing to put in the effort it takes to be in a relationship (for life). It shouldn’t make a difference who you are marrying.

So you know, I can’t help but watch Say Yes To The Dress marathons on tv.

On another note, I was just watching something on the news about the process of designing book jackets. As a future bestselling author, the whole process was really interesting to me. Especially because as a book buyer, what the book looks like is hugely important to me. Unless I am going to purchase a specific book, I sure as hell am influenced by the book looks like. I own probably over 300 books, and I’d say i truly like 85% of the covers. In the middle of the show, someone  said this, “What’s on our shelves can be as telling as what’s on our walls.” Love it.


Seriously? I have no words, because this is the best video I have watched in the longest time. You better believe I am going to go get a tee shirt now 🙂 FCKH8!