There Is An Elf On My Shelf

The best thing in the world happened yesterday. Logan, our Elf on the Shelf came back to us for the holiday season. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this little guy and all the trouble he gets into. Last year he was all sorts of trouble and at the same time, all sorts of help. He ironed our clothing. He found his way into the car and buckled himself into Wolverine’s car seat. He also poured flour all over the kitchen floor and made a snow angel, and we woke up one morning to him playing poker with some stuffed animals.

I’ve missed this little guy so much since last year, but he did make one surprise appearance in the middle of the year. Wolverine’s birthday is in July, and after we came home from celebrating his birthday, we found a present on his pillow. Logan must have stopped by while we were gone, taken a photo next to our birthday countdown and left a video game for Wolverine!

Who knows what kind of trouble this little guy will get into this year. I promise to share some pictures throughout the holiday season. I’m just glad he’s back around.


what a nice elf!

Days Until 2012: via

Apparently it’s Christmas Tree week on the blog!
Logan the Elf was kind enough to bring Wolverine an early present yesterday morning:

A Super Hero Squad Ornament!!!!


Elf on the Shelf!

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We have an Elf on the Shelf!!! Mr. O, Wolverine and I have been quite busy keeping an eye on Logan, our elf (Logan is Wolverine’s “human” name, hence how he got his name). I don’t have a picture of how we found him after the first night he came to us, but let’s just say we woke up in the morning to find him with the Xbox controller on his lap and his hands on the buttons! This next picture is him ironing Wolverine’s pants.20111210-204924.jpg

The crazy elf loves Super Hero Squad too. Check out his Hulk hands!
P.s. Happiest birthday to Holly one of my closest friends in the whole world.