What to Do When Your New Favorite Snack Becomes Your Next Obsession

In December, I bought Brookside chocolates as part of a birthday gift for my coworker who loves chocolate. A few months later, after she raved about how much she enjoyed them, I decided to pick up a box for myself. At first, I was pretty excited about this find. The boxes are filled with 100-calorie per serving bags, and I thought it was the perfect-sized treat for an afternoon at work. I even joked about how grateful I was to buy the box (so that I could eat just one bag) versus buying the bigger bag of them (because if I did, I would surely stick my hand in there and snack all day long). 20140305-103615.jpgAnd then the worst thing happened. One bag turned into two bags on a small lunch day. And then another time I ate two bags just because I felt like it. And the rest is history.

I cannot stop eating this chocolate-covered berry goodness! These are so good. I can easily munch through 3 or 4 bags in a sitting. I’ve actually been walking around my office giving away my tiny bags so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

So I guess the moral of this story is: Feast on the good stuff or parcel it out to other people or stay away if you haven’t tried it yet.