Internet Finds: Week 5

I have only one thing to share with you, the 1 Second App by Cesar Kuriyama. You have to check out his Kickstarter page so that you can see the video of his 30th year of life. They are fully funded, and you can now purchase the app directly from the Apple App Store.

I can’t even tell what perfect timing this find has been. My 365 photos in 365 days project will be ending TOMORROW. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Today is day 364. In two days, it will be one year since I got my Lasik eye surgery. Wild, huh? I feel so blessed to have such great vision.

I plan on doing my own 1 Second video based off the app. I just put together one for 2012 (I only had about 12 videos left on my phone from 2012; I could have had so much more!) and it is so cute. I haven’t decided if it will run from 2/4/13 until 2/3/14 or if I should just try to begin now and capture all of 2013. I think that’s the route I’m going, but we shall see.