I Love Our Elf On the Shelf

So, as I mentioned in my most recent installment at Hooray Collective (yes, Pooping Rainbows has been renamed!), I have a sincere love for Logan, my Elf on the Shelf. Seeing as I haven’t posted pictures of his 2013 mischief on the blog, I figured I would do a post of our favorite moments from this holiday season. Our elf has flown back to the North Pole to get started on the 2014 holiday season, and we miss him terribly. Thanks, Logan for a great 2013.


Simple Thanksgiving Celebrations

Today I will be brief. I am so grateful to spend the holidays with my family. I remember missing my family party when I lived in Virginia and how much I missed being around my siblings, parents and grandparents. That was a fantastic holiday with my friends though. This year, like last, I’m thankful to eat lunch at my grandparents’ house and dinner at Mr.O’s parents house.

And on top of all of that greatness… Logan, the elf is going to find his way back to us tonight!