Pregnancy Update: Week 39

38 Weeks and 4 days pregnant


To begin, I can’t believe my pregnancy has almost come to an end. In two more days I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant. I still vividly remember being six weeks pregnancy hoping to make it to week seven. I remember the relief of getting to week twelve and finally being able to tell our family, friends, and work. I remember perfectly those first few days in the early weeks of the second trimester when I was finally starting to feel better, but too nervous to be excited about it. I remember hoping the third trimester would be as kind to me as the second.

And suddenly, I’m days away from meeting my baby girl. It all seems so surreal.

39 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant

I’m not quite sure what else to share at this point.

I’m still getting up to pee a few times a night, though luckily I’m falling right back asleep as soon as I lay back down.

I still have stretch marks on my tummy. Wolverine was shocked when he first saw them because he just didn’t know what they were, so our big joke now is that the baby has a bad sense of direction and she’s just trying to claw her way out of my stomach.

My dreams have definitely changed in the past two weeks. I’m dreaming very vividly of whatever the last thing I saw on television was, or, if I didn’t watch tv, I’m dreaming clearly of something that happened later in the day. The funny part is there is always something weird that happens in the dreams that didn’t happen in reality (or on the show).

For example, after talking to a baseball mom friend during one of Wolverine’s recent games about their new jerseys, I dreamt that she got in trouble from one of the coaches for not pinning fireworks to her son’s jersey. Yes, fireworks. I’ve been watching the TV show Revenge before bed, and let me tell you, that makes for some interesting dreams. I’m somehow in the show talking to Emily Thorne about her plans or scolding the Graysons for their behavior. The dreams are strange, for sure.

I’m still working, and I’m quite grateful to have work to keep me occupied and entertained. I work with a great group of co-workers, and I really enjoy my job. As much as I’m grateful for being about to take a maternity leave, I’ll also really miss working.

Everyone under the sun is coming out of the woodwork to find out if I’ve had the baby yet or to give me advice on how to speed up the labor. It just really started in the past few days, but it’s certainly interesting. There’s a certain approach that doesn’t bother me, such as, “You don’t need to answer this text. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.” I’ll usually respond to all those texts to keep my friends updated. However, some people have taken to checking in with me multiple times a day, and also reminded me they were “patiently waiting” for my news.

Thanks, pals. I’m patiently waiting to give you some news.

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