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I’ve been sharing a lot of great content lately on Twitter, and it’s made me realize that it’s been quite a while since I shared quality posts on the blog. I used to do it weekly, but after a while I felt like I was searching for content to share, versus being excited to share new posts with my readers.

Now, I feel as if I’m overloaded with awesome posts I’ve been hoarding in my reader or sharing on Twitter. It’s about time to take that community spirit and share some awesome content on the blog with you guys.

Since I was cleaning out my reader, I thought one of the best things to do was share old posts that have been in there for years. Yes – years. I have posts dating back to 2011 in my reader. I save them because I’ve enjoyed them, but to be honest, it isn’t as if I go through my reader regularly for posts to read. I’m trying to simply my “Saved For Later” section, and in doing so, I’m going to share some posts with you from years and years ago.


  • Way back in 2012, Amber wrote a great post about her emails and Facebook getting hacked. Now, I obviously wish she didn’t have to experience that, but she did a great job of informing other people what to look out for, and how to fix things if you ever get hacked.
  • I love to make tacos for dinner. It’s easy, filling, and usually quick to make, eat, and clean up after. Erin wrote an awesome post explaining how to make homemade taco seasoning, and I think you’ll like it as much as I do.
  • I love everything Project Life, so I have a lot of old posts to go through in my reader that I’ve saved overtime. Some of them aren’t useful, but others have awesome downloads or fun projects to sass up your Project Life album (and goodness, my 2015 album could use some sassing up!) Here’s a download from Elise for some quote cards she created.
  • Do you catch other people’s bad moods? I do, and I loved this video post by Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project and a few other books.
  • I’ve been thinking about making frozen meals as the baby will be here soon (and really, who’s going to want to be cooking?). Here’s a recipe Sara tried and tweaked for Chicken Marsala that I think I’m going to be trying out soon, too.
  • I really love Dani’s post on creating a vision board. Since my apartment is so tiny, I haven’t had a vision board for a few years now, but I love this post, and I hope when I have more room to hang things I can create something similar.
  • I have such a sincere love for American Sign Language. I myself only know the basics (and we’re talking complete basics), but I love to watch people communicate. I especially love to see people interpret music with ASL. Check out this great post.
  • We really seriously considered using cloth diapers for future baby O, and ended up deciding against it. However, I found this to be a great post on cloth diapering and one mama’s opinions.

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