Young Friendship and Rollerskating

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Wolverine and my nephew are about a year-and-a-half apart in age, and they are the bestest of friends. I’m lucky to live so close to my brother that the two boys get to spend a lot of time quality time together. Today we took them to the rollerskating rink. It’s actually where we are now as I type this on my phone. The two are whirling around the rink in circles at this point, but it didn’t so much start off that way.

Wolverine has been rollerskating and rollerblading for years. He also ice skates pretty regularly with his grandfather. He’s very comfortable on wheels. My nephew reports that the only time he’s ever skated has been with the three of us, so that’s maybe a handful (or two) of times. When they both rolled onto the rink, Wolverine was off in super speed, a smile covering his face as he looked back to his cousin. I know them and their hyped-up competition style way to well, so I took that smile to mean “Yeah, I’m in the lead. He’ll never be able to catch me!” And you know what, he couldn’t. He was rusty on those skates. So instead, my nephew skated around slowly, holding on to the walls, and falling down every once in a while. He was determined to catch up to Wolverine no matter how long it took him to feel comfortable on those skates.

And with that determination, he did catch up to Wolverine. They skated together for a while and had fun for a few hours on the rink.

Well, until they both got blisters on both of their feet and whined until we told them we it was time to leave.

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