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Reading: A lot. Spry is in publication mode for issue #4, so I had to catch up on reading before we closed the submissions manager. Then I needed to read and reread and reread again the accepted work to either send to an editor or edit myself. Besides Spry, I’ve been reading all the awesome journals and books I picked up at AWP. That’s been fun. Listening: to Spotify. I’m trying to work on my wedding music lists. I really thought it would be awesome to walk up the aisle (after the ceremony) to “Another One Bites the Dust,” but it is a little too low energy for me. Bummer. I want something with a lot of energy at that point. If any of you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them. Excited: That my wedding is in three months. There is so much that needs to happen from now until then, but I’m really just trying to live in the moment and embrace it all. Watching: Just finished Catching Fire. I really liked that movie and I was totally bummed when it was over. Where is Peta and why didn’t they save him too? Wearing: Right this second I am wearing sparkly silver shoes that I originally bought on clearance (for six dollars) for my wedding, but now that I think of it, I’m getting married in June, and I’m going to want to wear sandals, not slippers. So, while I doubt they will make an appearance at the wedding, I’m still going to rock the look.20140314-131040.jpg Wishing: things were a bit calmer in certain areas. I need more creativity in my life. I need to figure out to make a little more time for that. Drinking: Lindeman’s Framboise. Though, I saw someone post a picture of La Chouffe on Facebook this week and it made me want one. I’m also in a bit of a Moscato phase right now. Loving: My veil. It came in while I was in Seattle, and I just think its perfect. I need to get it steamed, and I want to try it on with my dress to make sure they look good together, but Loathing: The winter (did I mention that last time as well?). Spring officially starts in five days, but just a couple days ago it snowed all day here in Massachusetts.20140314-131326.jpg Admiring: Seattle- I really enjoyed my time there. I know I’ve been home for about two weeks, but I really did have such a great experience in the city. The food and drinks were fabulous. Check out: January, February


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