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Welcome to the most  boring post in the world. I’ve literally spent the first half of this month in bed. I got the flu on 1/31/14 and that turned into pneumonia. I’ve left my house a total of 3 times. Twice I attempted to go to work and once I went to the doctor’s office. When I was at home, I spent 85% of the time sleeping and the rest of the time watching Netflix half asleep.


Reading: I read a few pages of This Is How by Augusten Burroughs when I was at the doctor’s office. I bought it (and got it signed by Augusten himself!) right when it came out, and read about 80% that first day, but I haven’t buckled down to read the last 20% yet.
Listening: I’ve listened to almost no music since I’ve been sick. My mom however has discovered Pharrell’s “Happy” and she has been dancing away to it.
Excited: I’m starting to feel better and that is so exciting. Plus, I had my first two-meal day yesterday. Granted I am only manage to eat about 1/3 the amount I used to, but after only eating an apple sauce a day for almost two weeks, two tiny meals seems like a miracle. Plus, AWP is coming soon, and I can’t wait to go to Seattle.
Watching: I’ve finished seasons 5 and 6 of Private Practice and season 1 of The Walking Dead on Netflix. I thought Walking Dead would be much less entertaining, but the writing is pretty good, so I think I will keep watching.
Wearing: Pajamas only. I had to dress myself for work yesterday morning, and I didn’t quite know what to do.
Wishing: That when I do go to Seattle for AWP I’m a lot healthier. I really want to enjoy my trip.
Drinking: A lot of water. I’m also pretty thankful for Gaterade and tea for adding a little flavor to my life.
Loving: My bed, even though I really don’t want to spend any more time than necessary in it. I also love my humidifier, my cough syrup, my antibiotics, my fiance for taking such good care of the house and of Wolverine while I was checked out, my mom for being my own personal nurse, and the wonderful people at work who really stepped up and did a few things while I was out. Oh, also big news! My wedding dress came in this week! I’ve been too sick to go try it on yet, but I love that it is in the same city as me!
Loathing: Being sick. That’s an easy one. Oh, the snow too. I’ve never been a snow fan, and with the amount we’ve gotten this year, I am definitely not a fan right now. I want nice weather.
Admiring: the Olympic participants. they are all so great.

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